Eureka CLEAR High Potency (NEW!!) Vape Cartridges (1 gram – 7 options)


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The mission of Eureka Vapor is to provide the cleanest, safest, 100% natural oil cartridges in the industry. Using their refined extraction processes and a mom-and-pop-shop love of their craft, Eureka Vapor values transparency and honesty above all else. With the continuous goal of improving, testing, and refining their product, Eureka strives to deliver the best oil experience that is safe, intimate, and excellent with every user.

100% natural, solvent and additive free CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Compatible with 510 thread batteries.

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(HYB)Do-Si-Dos(90.46% THC), (HYB)Gorila Glue(92.41% THC), (HYB)Sour Galeto(91.72% THC), (HYB)GDP(91.06% THC), (SAT)Blue Dream(89.39% THC), (SAT)Durban Poison(91.78% THC), (SAT)Haze(90.37% THC)


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