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Basic fact about weed, kush and ganja.

What are the weed, kush, and ganja? Are they the same?

Weed is also known as kush and ganja. They are extracted from the cannabis plant. The dried leaves, stem, bud, and flower of the cannabis plant can be used to create a different type of ganja and kush. The hybrid of another kind of marijuana is known as a hybrid.

How to consume weed?

There are several ways to consume weed. It can be either from capsules or pill, from edibles or with toolkits such as bongs and smoke. Please refer to post for more information.

Use and Legal Status

Weed and kush are legal in Canada and the United States. However, some of the states in Canada and the United States have different linearity of the amount of kush to consume. Please refer to the particular state’s law.


There have been rumours saying that marijuana and kush will bring craving to the consumer. However, the fact is, with a controllable amount of marijuana consume per day will not cause any addiction to the person. However, it will bring some benefit to the person, such as to treat headache, insomnia, etc.

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